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Project title: “Strategic interuniversity cooperation to improve research abilities for ph.d. Students for higher educational quality”


Beneficiary: “Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Contract no.: 21-COP-0049

Implementation: 01 Mar 2022 - 29 Sep 2023

Project budget (euro): 90.923

Project director: Professor Ioana Neagoe

Partners: Oslo University Hospital, Oslo 4950, Norway

Project objectives:

Specific Objective O1

Develop the two intellectual outputs envisioned in the project: O1 - Course syllabus and teaching materials on RNA Epigenetics, O2 - Book on RNA Epigenetics, and Non-Coding RNA.

Specific Objective O2

To improve the teaching and research abilities of the staff members from the two partner institutions by organizing Short-term joint staff training events.

Specific Objective O3

Develop professional abilities and knowledge in the field of RNA Epigenetics for 50 students from the two partner institutions.

Specific Objective O4

Improve the knowledge of research abilities of 6 Ph.D. Students from The Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca through the participation in 3-week Short-term mobility for students at the partner university.

Specific Objective O5

To enhance the inter-institutional collaboration between the two partner organizations through the implementation of workshops, seminars, and multiplier events.


  • Course syllabus and materials for the RNA Epigenetics;
  • Book - RNA Epigenetics and Non-coding RNA;
  • Course recognition by the two universities and credited accordingly with ECTS credits;
  • 5 Short-term staff mobility for staff;
  • Development of the teaching abilities of the staff from the two universities in using innovative technologies for curriculum development;
  • 60 PhD students from the two institutions received ECTS credits for taking the RNA Epigenetics course;
  • 6 Short-term student mobility from Romania to Norway;
  • 2 Transnational Meetings and workshops organised;
  • 2 stakeholder meetings for feedback collection and results dissemination;
  • 2 joint publications in open-access journals between the two partner institutions;
  • One project website where all the project materials will be made freely available and social media accounts.

M 1&2 Multiplier events: Presentation and dissemination of the Intellectual output 1 – Course Syllabus and Materials on RNA Epigenetics

Social media dissemination: All partners will be involved in the production of communication material and publications, website, 2 newsletters.



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