“Valeriu Bologa” Library

Founded in 1949, the "Valeriu Bologa" Library owns a patrimony of over 300,000 volumes, books and journals, out of which an important rare book fund can be found in the Medical History branch office. At present, there are over 6,000 registered users.
The library is entirely computerized, and all the active documentary fund is searchable online. All operations regarding acquisition, cataloging, user enlistment, and lending transactions are made using the integrated system Liberty3.
The computer network designed to serve the users with Internet access has 60 working stations.
The "Valeriu Bologa" Library is a member of EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries).

Library - main titles



Minodora Moldovan

Main Library
(V.Babes 8, floors 3 and 4)

Remus Dragoș
Luminița Vlaşin
Mihai Miron
Victoria Biriş
Mihaela Onița Biriş
Flaminia Haragoș
Lygia Mariș
Gabriela Pîrjol
Agatha Lapoşi

Publications Cataloging and Evidence
Monica Penea

Records and Acquisitions
Cristina Ungur
Ioana Olosutean
Mihaela Ţicolea

Hasdeu Building

Andreea Hășmășan
Adriana Mateiu
Violeta Platon
Ramona Nagy
Anca Marian


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Address: 8 Victor Babes Street
400012 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Tel: +40-264-597256 - int. 2211 (secretariat), 2216 (floor 4), 2217 (floor 3), 2218 (Hasdeu) or 037483421(1)/6/7/8


Identificator ISIL‎: RO-CJ-0135