Cosgarea Rodica


Clinical activity:
In dermato-oncology:
- Dermatoscopy of skin pigmented lesions, digital follow up of nevi
- Diagnosis of melanoma, surgical treatment and follow up of the melanoma patients
- Surgical treatment of skin tumors
- Mohs surgery of basal cell carcinoma
- Photodynamic therapy in skin cancers
Disorders of hair, Inflammatory skin diseases, Genodermatoses
Research activity:
- PhD thesis: Clinical, invastigative and therapeutical research on alopecia areata
- Setting up of the Research Laboratory in the Department of dermatology: cultures of keratinocytes, melanocytes, molecular diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa
- Setting up of the Center for dermato-oncology in the Dept of dermatology: clinical research on melanoma, the efficiency of some porphirins in skin cancer
- Research on epidermolysis bullosa
- The coordonation of 7 PhD thesis: skin mycoses, photodynamic therapy, melanoma, Mohs surgery, epidermolysis bullosa
- Books: "Disorders of hair and Scalp", "Clinical Dermato-venereology", "Compendium of Clinical dermato-venereology",
- 12 articles in ISI journals and 28 abstracts in ISI journals or congress proceedings

Additional Info

  • Grad didactic: Profesor
  • Telefon: 0264592394
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