Baican Adrian

• Autoimmune bullous diseases
Autoimmune blistering diseases represent my major research interest. I established and coordinated Autoimmune Laboratory at the Department of Dermatology, the only laboratory in Romania which can perform o complete immunological characterization of patients with autoimmune bullous diseases. This unit is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acquired blistering diseases including pemphigus subtypes, bullous pemphigoid, linear IgA disease, epidermolysis bullosa acquisita, dermatitis herpetiformis among others. Advanced diagnostic techniques include direct and indirect immunofluorescent microscopy of normal and salt split skin substrates, ELISA assays for desmoglein 3, desmoglein1, BP180, BP230, and tissue transglutamninase.
Our objectives are to develop a sensitive and specific diagnostic ELISA system for patients with mucous membrane pemphigoid using recombinant domains of laminin 5 and α6β4 integrin.
• Neonatal and pediatric dermatology
I coordinate an annual postgraduate course on this topic.
• General Dermatology

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