Dănescu Ana Sorina

The main area of interest is the genodermatoses and especially epidermolysis bullosa. Genetic diseases are severe diseases with massive impact on the patient, family and society. In 2005 I performed training in laboratory of molecular diagnostics in the Dermatology Clinic of Freiburg, Germany. I learned the techniques of isolation, PCR amplification, DNA sequencing. In 2006 we obtained a project CEEX and in this project we conducted a national register of epidermolysis bullosa and we established a research laboratory of molecular diagnosis. We performed molecular diagnosis in some patients in Dermatology Clinic of Cluj-Napoca. EB patients need continuing care, skin care with special dressings, nonaderente, and interdisciplinary medical evaluation. In this sense, the Center for diagnosis and treatment of patients with EB was founded, and in 2012 a national program for patients with epidermolysis bullosa was approved by the Ministry of Health, and these pacients are receiving special dressings.

Additional Info

  • Grad didactic: Șef lucrări
  • Telefon: 0264592394
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