Adresa: Str. Babeş, Nr. 2-4
Telefon: 0264408008
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Şef de disciplină: Prof. Dr. Alina Elena Pârvu

Presentation of Pathophysiology Department

The discipline of Pathophysiology was founded in 1951 under the leadership of academician Prof. Dr. Ion Baciu and perpetuated the tradition of the Department of Experimental Medicine and General Pathology.

Currently, Pathophysiology is a compulsory study program, consisting of a course and practical laboratories, for the following specialties: Medicine, Nursing, Radiology and Medical Imaging, Balneophysiokinetotherapy and Medical Recovery, Dental Medicine and Dental Technique. The teaching activities are differentiated according to the study year, the faculty type and the language of instruction (Romanian, English, French).

The objectives are:

1. To facilitate the understanding of complex, integrative mechanisms of diseases, correlating systems functional changes with the molecular-biochemical changes;
2. To find the pathogenetic diagnosis by elaborating a complex diagnose algorithm for functional and structural disorders on clinical scenarios and/or on experimental models of diseases;
3. To find a pathophysiological therapy.

The scientific research of the discipline focuses on the evaluation of nitro-oxidative stress and organ failure. The discipline has an Experimental Laboratory of Pathophysiology, which allows the development of experimental models of disease, and a Biochemistry Laboratory, in which various biochemical tests can be performed. The Students Scientific Research Group of Pathophysiology coordinates the research carried out within the undergraduate researches.



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