Sunday, 01 March 2020 20:44

IMPORTANT! To the attention of students VIth year, series 2 English Section, Faculty of Medicine

Starting 2nd of March, the course and clinical stages of Infectious Diseases Discipline will not be held in the Infectious Disease Hospital, which is under quarantine.

For the next week, 2nd to 6th of March, the Infectious Disease courses will be sent by email as PPTs. The email address of the teacher will be marked on the presentation, to be used to ask questions regarding the matter being sent. The clinical activity in the hospital will be replaced by case presentations as PPTs, which will also be sent by email.  

These measures aim to reduce the epidemiological risk of spreading the infection with the new coronavirus.

Please check daily the university site and InfoUtil application for further announcements. The previous announcements regarding those who have returned from risk zones in the last 14 days remain valid.

The University Board



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