Thursday, 11 February 2021 09:40

Announcement regarding the beginning of the didactic activity, semester II

Dear students, the University Senate approved the hybrid education model for the second semester of this academic year. The courses will be conducted exclusively online and some of the practical activities and clinical internships will take place onsite. The detailed way in which the didactic activity will be carried out for each specialization and study formation will be transmitted by each faculty through the available means of communication. Also, the information regarding the accommodation in the university dormitories will be transmitted for the students who will have onsite didactic activity.

As far as international students are concerned, unfortunately, at the moment, the European and international context is unfavorable and limiting in terms of mobility of people, imposing travel restrictions and quarantine periods at the destination. In this regard, please try to return to Cluj-Napoca starting with the beginning of the second semester, taking into account the regulations in the countries you come from. If you do not have the opportunity to return, you can attend online courses.

The university management assumes the mission and responsibility to ensure academic performance and, at the same time, to maintain health and safety standards.

We assure you of our constant concern for the resumption of teaching in the safest conditions and we wish you good health!

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